Chilling with Chilaquiles: NorCal vs. SoCal - InFatChewAsian - S2E1
Chilaquiles. It only took me (Ryan) 10+years to try this Anepelco Cafe’s version and have something to talk about with Mr. Don Juan of Taiwan (John). While John is reflecting across the ocean in his homeland of Taiwan during this important time (you’re in our thoughts, brother), Infatchewasian Season 2 is all about comparing and contrasting what’s good in NorCal vs. SoCal.  

In this episode, the challenger is NorCal’s (Napa original) spot called Grace’s Table, which I tried, way back in 2014 (I know, I should go back to be fair but the episode sort of wrote itself, *shrugs*). We break down classically how the recipe is, what the merits are between these two, and whether or not we’ll ever go back for seconds.