Chimera Traditional Sketch & Updates
Hey folks,

Here is some traditional drawing of a Chimera for Jerome my highest patreon and to give you an idea of what I offer for $115USD. I will be giving more traditional drawings as scans in the tier folders on release. I am back in the studio now after some amazing shows. I want to thank you all for coming to any conventions and saying hi and or purchasing my art. I am truly grateful for you all.

I will be posting two more final artworks undead dragon and another Luminous Ages page this month on the forum. But you will be getting all extra files, paintings, digital files, sketches and videos in the reward folders May 5th.

The  Artworks coming in April and Digital Rewards

1. You will get two Luminous Ages Comic book pages.
2. Voting on a spell or item and the painting.

3. Bone Lighting Dragon for the Luminous Ages Book.

4. CityScape matte painting.

5. Two traditional commissions Chimera and Dragon.

6. Merlin and the Dragons full audio tutorial video.

7. Process video of a comic book page.

8. Sketches and traditional art two digital files.

9. OzComic Con colouring comics bonus video.

Physical Print Rewards

1. A4 prints of 'Undead Dragon' and 'CityScape'. Minimum of 2 signed prints.

2. Token Cards/Luminous Ages card  2-4 depending on tier level.

3. Plus everyone goes in the draw to win one of three prizes: Canvas print, a deck of the card game and 5 A3 prints!

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