Maiden awakens a passenger from cryosleep and melts their chipset.

This track is a first person sci-fi fantasy file where maiden melts your mind while instructing you to cum/edge to melt your chipset for maiden. This track is gender neutral. For the best experience be sure to listen with stereo headphones.


This track contains the following themes: 

  • Wake up in the intro  
  • Deep trancy sounds 
  • Stereo panning effects that may cause confusion 
  • Addiction  
  • JOI 
  • Gaslighting (ex: Maiden tells the listener, that she's      being submissive when she's clearly being dominant) 
  • No wake up at the end 
  • feelings of isolation

NOTE: Mind Maiden releases offer a high level of audio immersion. As a result of this some people may find themselves uncomfortable and wanting to leave the experience. If this happens consider the following steps to level yourself out:

1.Remove headphones

2.Put feet flat on floor

3.Look around the room and count 5 items that are the same color

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