Chloe Price - Finished

  "Look at how many times I've almost died or actually died around you." 

I finally did it!

I love the Life is Strange franchise and I wanted to make some fanarts of the game. I started with Chloe because she's very expressive and passional (the complete opposite of me, haha). Even though i didn't liked her at first, I think her character development was really good. 

I do not usually use blue tones on the main palette, although I love color. But her visual identity along with the animal spirits kind of compels me to use that color, and it was an interesting change.

I believe that a very interesting benefit of waiting to post something on patreon and then on other social networks is that I have time to consider what bothers me. I used to be very rushed in this respect, so I used to notice some flaws only after I posted it and already received some feedback, and it bothered me a lot.

Hope you guys like it. :)

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