I have been about 50/50 on whether or not to include the cat race in The Resonant, because I don't have a huge need for them in the story. But I don't have need for all of the background lore I've been writing on gnomes and dwarves either and that hasn't stopped me from writing it. Hahaha! I've also written up their race descriptions as well. The Sabir live in a swampy region like you might find in Louisiana. I'm kind of toying around with the notion to give them all Cajun accents. Choko lives with her brothers Mocha, Matcha, and Chai,  and her father Kombucha along with her pet bobcat Java Java. You see why I'm not sure if I should include the Sabir? I can't help but give them silly cute names. And who gives cat people pet  cats? >_<;;