Ladies and Gentlemen and Mutated Wasps and Magical Ponies, I have journeyed to the Mart of Walls and returned with, not one, but two, victims for the sacrificial altar of snark!

As they had no "bin" per se, I let my Twitter followers choose a row and slot position on the rack and pulled My Little Pony: Adventures in the Crystal Empire. BUT. I could not leave the movie you see above this post to languish in obscurity when it is APPARENTLY ABOUT A FANCY GARDEN PARTY THAT GOES WRONG WHEN ALL THE WASPS MUTATE I'M PRETTY SURE THEY MEAN BUGS THOUGH AND NOT THE KIND OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE GARDEN PARTIES BUT I REALLY WANT IT TO BE THE OTHER KIND OF MUTATED WASPS YOU KNOW?

So! Now we must choose! Which one first? Ponies or wasps? I have no horse in this race, either one is fine by me.  I'll start the magic on Twitter tomorrow night at 8:30 pm EST. 

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