Chris Foss Tribute
Chris Foss tribute as part of daily pixel-art madness on @Pixel_Dailies. I think - this good start of month. But more warm for many of you will be info about upcoming article.

With your help I'm almost finished animations for next part of article "Pixel's Gallop". We saw funny pixel-art and animations all of month and it was fun. Almost all of animations was a test's for specific subparts of article. I need take the best examples from our animation factory, made polishing (because article can have only the best examples for the good teaching), adding also unique animation (it's can take 2 or 3 weeks of hide ninja-work) and... at the end of September (i hope) we all - release this article. And when I told "we" - I mean exactly sense of "We".

Thank You for your trust and support!

Note: Pixel-art "Chris Foss Tribute" - 16 colors, original size is 506x506. Self restrictions - no dithering, no patterns (exclude original Chris Foss pattern style).