There are a lot of writers who I read that I would love to go out and have a drink with. Chris Hedges would be someone I would love to meet but his work is something of a downer so I don't know about having drinks with him. However, on non-violent resistance he is 100% correct. Sadly, when we protest peacefully the national press ignores our protest, and Baltimore the police were just as guilty of looting as those who also did it. The race riots leading up to Martin Luther King only helped his cause. That not only made him look like a leader but it allowed him to access power. I’m not saying to go out and cause violence, but what I am saying is that you should protest in a peaceful manner because when the state acts out, like it did in Ferguson, Baltimore, all the Occupy events, the 2004 Republican National Convention, and the WTO Protests in Seattle, it confers dignity on the protesters. Share if you agree.
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