Chris Larcombe, the walking talking fractal, discussing the Natural (New) Paradigm Part 1
Chris was in the middle of studying for a PHD when he had a strong sense come through to him which was if we were to carry on the same in the world, from a scientific viewpoint, much longer, that everything would only get worse exponentially quicker!   So he quit the PHD and began working on his ideas surrounding Holonic thinking.  

Since then he has come from concept to prototype with Noomap doing the majority of the programming/coding himself up until recently where his focus has shifted to the creation of an entirely new operating system called ARC [Abstraction Re-interaction Computer].  (For more information see the old Noomap website, currently being revamped and given the new name of S7 Foundation - Follow this link      

Chris is as complex a character as they come! Often living in the cosmic realm, for him the internet is a painful, limited and linear experience so as you do, you or anyone else would just get to work developing an entirely new version of the Internet!  Well, maybe not you, or anyone, but Chris is that guy!    

Here the walking talking fractal Chris gives us his views on the New, or Natural (as he prefers to call it) Paradigm and gives us a peak into his World.    

Thank you brother for all you are doing and your incredible artistry which truly goes beyond limits.    

Please learn more about all of this HAPPENING NOW!!!! -   

The S7 Foundation (formerly known as Noomap) is a new breed of community and evolutionary organism. They specialize in the research, design, development and embodiment of spirit motivated sociotechnologies. From internet sciences and visionary art, to social architectures, and philanthropy, S7 is pioneering the thoughtware, software, culture and environments for a new lifestyle and planetary scale system of synergistic co-creation. They currently have an alpha software platform called Noomap and a social process for co-creation which will be evolving (in partnership with The School of Social Alchemy and Light Beings Community) into a Whole Systems Platform that brings Buckminster Fuller's World Game into the 21st Century world of a decentralized OS for new synergistic paradigms. This will catalyze a spectrum of socioeconomic models and games which can both coexist and transform together into a gamified transreality Universe where virtual reality, augmented reality, and physical Reality all work together in co-creation to become the Infinite World Game.  The S7 Foundation has been living in the Gift Economy for the past 5 years on an epic global adventure to realize their Holonic and Holographic Sociotechnologies. Alpha Noomap has been a working palette for developing Holonic Perception and a strong proof of concept for what they will ultimately develop through An Infinite World Game. 

In parallel, S7 will be rolling out Noomap itself as a collaborative holonic mapping tool which can have vast and diverse disruptive applications and provide value across use cases from all walks of life. This rollout will be done in a decentralized, distributed and synergistic way socially as well as technologically.  There is already a very strong and positive demand for Noomap from diverse stakeholders spanning from the NHS in the UK to leading scientific pioneers and social entrepreneurial players from every sector of endeavor.. This rollout will also play a significant role in generating self-sustaining funds for the Infinite World Game platform as a whole- in this case, Noomap, will be one of the first exemplary breakthrough innovations which not only transforms our world technologically but also socially with its Holographic Economy and Whole Systems aspirations.  

For more info Contact - [email protected]  The S7 Foundation will be majorly upgrading their website to reflect current status, until then, please see the old noomap site ( for a snapshot of their history and please see the following link for more info on the Infinite World Game. (  

3 Co-founders Bret Warshawsky, Andrea Harding, Christopher Larcombe  Core Team: Thomas Mcalpine, Adam Waterhouse, The School of Social Alchemy, The Light Beings Community