Christian Science, Low Expectations and Orlando
Kelsey Grammer is a Christian scientist. I know, I know what you’re thinking… you mean he doesn’t visit doctors? Not quite. You see, plenty, if not most, Christian Scientists still visit medical professionals. In fact, the church does not require that members abstain from seeking professional medical help. The Church’s stance, rather, is that the most powerful combination when it comes to fighting illness, is a combination of prayer and medicine.

That’s not the image you have of Christian Science, though, is it? You’re thinking about all those headlines reporting the deaths of children who had been denied medical treatment for curable ailments. You’re thinking about two-year old Robyn Twitchell, who died of peritonitis because his parents refused to seek medical treatment in favour of prayer. You’re thinking about Amy Hermanson who died at age seven because her Christian Scientist parents denied her insulin. You’re thinking about Nathalie Middleton-Ripperberger who was just eight months old when she died after days of painful convulsions while Christian Science leaders prayed over her tiny, tortured body. This is the image you have of Christian Science, because it’s hard to forget that the ideas bound to the Church of Christ, Scientist led to these needless and preventable deaths of innocents.

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