Happy Holidays Patrons! I've been hard at work on getting my uke video that I filmed earlier this month in Nice together. It's REALLY close to being ready to go, but I keep getting excited about it and going back and tinkering with it and coming up with little ways to make it even better. It WILL "drop" next Monday. Until then, here's a little glad tiding to tide you over. This is just a silly little video I made using an 8MM phone app, but it gave me an opportunity to get more practice in editing using Premiere Pro, which is still really new to me. This video is a FREE BONUS GIFT, Patrons will NOT be charged. Gary Crimble (as The Beatles used to say)! A FEW WORDS ABOUT THE ARRANGEMENT I came up with this arrangement back in 2011 and recorded it for Helen Leicht's 'Home For The Holidays' special on WXPN radio in Philadelphia. I'm very proud of it, it all operates at a high degree of difficulty and I think there's lots of interesting voicings going on throughout. A tip of the hat is definitely in order to Big Al Anderson. His version of 'GRYMG' on NRBQ's Christmas Wish lp is an influence on the opening section. I suppose in a way I should mention Tony Bennett as well. His version of 'My Favorite Things' on his Christmas lp is one of MY favorite things as he does the tune in 5/4 time, which was kinda the inspiration for the 5/4 section here. Thank you everyone for the amazing gift of your support that you've given me this year. I hope I've made music that's made you happy or added something to your life. Looking forward to lots more in 2015, but one more uke vid to squeeze in this year next week! -Jim