Christmas in New York! 2018
Hey folks!
Just wanted to let you know that I am accepting donations for the next year.
My family hasn't really celebrated Christmas for years because we've always been too poor to buy each other gifts, which normally would put me in a very sour mood every time the holidays came around. I would very much like to change this.
It has always been my dream to see Christmas in New York. I feel like if anything could fix my bad mood toward the holidays, it's all the lights and decorations in a big city. Not only that, but my long-distance boyfriend lives in NY too. Our one year anniversary was this Dec 5th and I would love to meet him in real life for the first time, for our second anniversary and our first Christmas together.

So, I've put together a collection pool to make these dreams happen.

The goal is only $600, and that covers my ticket there and back, food, a present for him, and some to set aside for emergencies.
I would also like to take him to an aquarium because his dream first date is a day at the aquarium, and another dream of mine is to swim with sharks! So please, there are a lot of dreams we can cross off our bucket lists if we can get this trip to happen!

And if you donate, even if it's just $1, I will sketch something for you.
If you donate, email me with your name and let me know you're interested in getting a sketch and we can go from there.

Here's my email:
dnerviano12 at

Here's the donation link:

And if you can't donate, spreading the word helps too.
Thank you so much!!