Chromatic Chord Rap - "ft" Mac Dre - Lesson 15 - Guitar Basics
So here is lesson 15.  It's a rap lesson of all the chords shown in all 12 keys.  The video took about 2 days to shoot, with a week to edit.  When DJ Lumba Jack and I were brainstorming for lesson ideas, I got this idea of doing something that was super Bay Area and a rap song.  

DJ Lumba Jack has a posterboard cut out of Mac Dre in his studio and I thought that would look great on the green screen effect.  Then we threw in random shots of typical hip hop things, like the ADIDAS shoe.  

As for the music track, Sam and I collaborated back and forth on the beat and had a lyrics session to come of with the lesson.  All in all, it took about 2 weeks and we even had to set up in a school classroom to get shots of the whiteboard!