Hey guys as my patrons know already about it I worked for the past few months on a pokémon collab zine. You can learn more about it by following the twitter account here. 

Also the preorder are now open :D

 [PREORDERS OPEN |  Feb. 11 - Mar. 10]

✨Catch your copy of the #ChromatiquePokéZine! ✨

You have 2 choices:

> #Pokémon Trainer Edition (Zine Only)

> Limited Champion Bundle (Only 20 available!)

#ChromatiquePokéZine will be available in April 2019 If you want to get it in convention & avoid shipping cost use the codes

JONETSU2019 >picking up at Jonetsu 

POLYMANGA2019 >picking up at Polymanga 

DOKOMI2019 >picking up at Dokomi 

JAPEX2019 >picking up at Japan Expo

See you in the Chromatique League ;D

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