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Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time {4 FDD, 4 SM, 1 DT}
DT = Drum Thing

I am not good at naming things.

I've been wanting to cover Chrono Trigger for so long and after recently finishing this prototype for a new instrument, I thought now would be ideal. I also meant to do a preview video as I did with the stepper motors, but have not had time these past couple weeks; it's been hectic to say the least.

The drum thing is actually part of a bigger project to build an automated xylophone, but I thought it would also work nicely to use for some simple percussion. I just grabbed the items closest to me so they're not perfect. I think they fit this song though. It operates solenoids using a combination of shift registers and transistors and is easily expandable. There are only 4 outputs hooked up at the moment, but I can add up to 16 solenoids on this prototype. The final design will operate 25 in order to play all notes on a standard xylophone.

I'm really looking forward to some upcoming songs I want to cover with all of this now. Hope you guys enjoy this! And as always, thank you for your help/support.

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