Chronos [Free Bass Library for Kontakt 5]
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So it's finally finished. This whole thing wouldn't be possible without your support guys. Hope it will be useful.


1. Missing notes/no sound issues
This is the reason why I used to go for Guitar pro pre-programming. You need to choose correct string and be sure not to fall out of it's range. For example if you tell the instrument to use 5 string and try to pick low G - it won't produce any sound, just because you're out of string's range (for 5 string the range is from low G# up to higher B, so low G is simply not exist on it, that's why you don't get any sound), so possible solutions for this issue is to use gutiar pro template to replace your notes 1 string down (this way you can actually trigger G on 4th fret of 6th string). Or you can use Kontakt's tuning and detune your bass 1 semitone lower (which is note recommended because it will change the structure of the sound). It sounds complicated, but what I'm trying to say - just follow gutiar pro template and write or simply pre-transpose/copy your bass part in it and work on keyswitches as I mentioned in the video. It's still possible to do it from scratch in your DAW - but it will take way too much time to figure out which string you want to use for each note. Another possible problem - you forgot to transpose your keyswitch track -12 semitones down after import in your DAW (so you simply don't activate any keyswitch, that's why it may be silent). There can also be issues with different metrics between DAWs (different octave ranges/note names), if found yourself in this situation - try to figure out difference between your and mine octave metrics and adjust (transpose) your MIDI according to that.

2. What's the point of making things so complicated? It's all about sound you want to get. If I decided to use no-keyswitch type of control (meaning it's automatic like Trillian) - it could lead to bad sound performance. Imagine that I write my bass part in the key of D (and our 4 string is D#). Let's say I wrote short pattern like 0-2-3 (fret positions for D tuning). Acourding to tuning of the instrument 2-3 notes would be on 1-2 frets of 4 string and open note would be placed in 6 fret of 5 string (just because it's out of range for 4th). As a result I'd get fat-bottom sounding of 5 string for first note - and thinner 4th string sounding for two others. It just doesn't sounds right, and of course it would limit possible potential of getting variety of tones out of the instrument. So to sum it up - automatic mapping may be simple and quick thing to work with, but my point here is to have control on the sound, there is no compromises for me. So yes, it's complicated, but as a payback - you get more variety. Same notes can sounds completely different on different strings, because of string thinness, fret positions and so on - it's pretty powerful part of bass performance and I didn't want to loose that.

3. Issues with Kontakt Player, 15 minute playback limit You need to undestand that Kontakt 5 and Kontakt Player is different things. Kontakt 5 is powerful sampler, it's not free and you still need to buy library content for it (unless it's free like this one). While Kontakt Player is sort of free and limited version of K5. There is such a thing as 3-rd party licensing for Kontakt Player, so you can get Kontakt Player for free and use LICENSED libraries in it without any limit (if I get it right), non-licensed products will have limit of 15 minutes (from each new start of VSTi). The problem with licensing is that it costs (to creator), and according to what I found on the internet (KVR, NI forums) - it's not cheap thing to do. So to sum it up - you don't need to pay for library itself, I give it up for free, but you still need to buy Kontakt5 or rather use short 15 min periods to edit/print your bass part (which may be simplified by programming method from this video) with free Kontakt Player. I still don't know how far this whole thing will go, but if it will lead to growing of my Patreon - I will be able to pay for licensing for Kontakt Player and make it completely free. I don't know anything about the price (I didn't do any research yet, but even if I did - it's private information which I won't be able to talk about), but if someday my monthly budgets allow me to go for it (or at least to save money for it) - I may decide to go for it. At the moment I don't think that it's possible without going completely broke and going in debts, plus as I said - I don't know how much it can be, so I don't wan't to make empty promisses telling that it will be done for sure. I want it to happen tbh, so if there will be any chance to go for it - I will be up for it. 

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