Chrysalis 1.1 : the awakening

He wakes up... he?

He has the sensation to be He. Still that it could be Her. Everything is very nebulous.

He also has the feeling to be the first one to wake up. Does it mean that They are several? Several what?

Who are They? Who is He?

His memory is vague. He remembers a fight, words learnt in books from another world, about knowledge which was not intended for him.

Who is he? What  is he? He decides to call himself One, because he is the first one.

Then One opens his eyes.

The brilliant light of neon does not blind him. The white ceiling gives him no indication onto the room where he is, no more than the table of smooth metal  on which he is lying.

No time to  waste. Act

It is the perception of an imminent danger which has him wake. It is it which urges him to act...