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Chuang on China, Communism, and Social Contagion

 Today, Kyle and Sean are joined by our friends at Charles Kerr Publishing and The Antifada Podcast to bring you a special interview with Chuang, an anonymous, international research group composing a new analysis of the formal and historical development of China. Chuang has just released a much anticipated collection of essays focusing on the 'China experience' of the covid-19 pandemic and its convergent crises. The book, Social Contagion and other material on microbiological class war in China, is out now with Charles Kerr Publishing Co. and available at akpress.

show notes:

Chuang essays from the episode

Sorghum and Steel 

Red Dust 

Welcome to the Frontlines: Beyond Violence and Nonviolence 

A State Adequate to the Task: Conversations with Lao Xie 

Social Contagion (essay) 

Workers Organising Under the Pandemic: Reflections from China 

other references:

Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin's Anarchism and the Black Revolution 

Fang Fang a year after the Wuhan Diaries here and here 

for Hu Shih on China, modernization, and America see volume 3 of his English writings

for Marx on Communism, Naturalism, and Humanism, see in particular "Private Property and Communism" in the 1844 Manuscripts.

Check out the Charles Kerr Publishing revival and listen to History Against Misery

Listen to Antifada's podcast over at their patreon and join them live on twitch

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