Ciel NTR (Megaman Zero) (Free)
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You got new weapon


This is drawing ver.


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The weekend drawing changed to Ciel NTR. No Ryona theme this time. But NTR. :D

Yea... Sasara Kusugawa one can't finished within this weeked. 

Ciel NTR has been WIP for years, the WIP post seems to be Nov 2015.

This should be Ciel X Elpizo ; not Ciel X Zero. But I'm lazy to draw male... Even the background is lazy. I use heavy filter to hide the simple background. That is night time sex. The atmosphere should be dark.

And the background computer. Ciel is cheating :D

In the Megaman Zero 2 timeline but reading Megaman Zero 4 superplay youtube.

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