CIMTaxi Status Update
Patrons will receive the CIMTaxi Pack Part I as soon as I finish the Toyota Prius III. Based on New York City taxis, the CIMTaxi pack will bring contemporary taxis from cities across America to Cities Skylines.

It will be releasing in a few weeks to the public! It will feature:

2012 Ford Escape (with a Pepsi Ad, NudlePay Ad, or No Ad)
2014 Toyota Camry (with a Park Inn Ad, a Macys Ad, or No Ad)
2014 Hyundai Sonata (with a Citibank Ad, Target Ad, or No ad)
2017 Nissan Leaf (no advertisement on this one)

To be featured later, but will be released soon!

2017 Mercedes Metris (with Sotheby's Ad and Lufthansa Ad, or no Ad)
2011 Lincoln Town Car (with a Children's Hospital Ad, a Curb Ad, or no Ad)
2010 Dodge Grand Caravan (with a Museum Ad, a Health Ad, or no Ad)
2013 Ford Taurus Taxi (with a Chanel Ad, a JPMorgan Chase, or No Ad)

Now Moved to Part II (aka whenever I finish Civilian Version, I'll release the taxi variants)

 2015 Toyota Prius III (with an Apple Ad, a Universal Studio Ad, or no Ad)