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(I for an I) Interested or Ignore: John Wick 2
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CinemaWAR: Can the new Lego Batman movie recapture the magic or will everything NOT be awesome this time?
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This week we put the suppressors on our pistols and line up our cross-hairs on some Movie Assassins. We wouldn’t want to meet an assassin in real life, but in film we find them fascinating! These killers and their motivations are so foreign to the general public, to hit for hire. It’s unfathomable. Even when these characters are on the side of good, we can’t help to view them as somewhat damaged, dangerous and often unhinged to some degree. In short, they make for amazing cinema!

Joining us for this contract is a man who has assassinated his share of films. Patrick Bromley hosts the wonderful F This Movie podcast and blog, which began back in 2010. We are stoked to have a fellow podcasting Chicago film critic on the show. Its a tight knit community!

So put on your bullet proof vest, and relax. Stay away from windows and listen to our picks:

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