Cinematic Test and Update
The following clip is the intro for next weeks CanWeSurvive video. We are hard at work trying to improve all aspects of the videos that you all have helped us film. 

We have many improvements planned for our next filming session in April 2018, including better drone footage, more camera angles, more general adventure filming (with talking), longer episodes that include food, adventure and bushcrafting, filming at 24fps (TV/Film standard), and much more. 

The first patch is currently being manufactured and will be mailed out to all $25 patron supporters that have already contributed in the first payment that was processed in the beginning of February.

We have the 2nd design ready to go, and are working on futures patches as well. If you have ideas for a cool and relevant patch for CWS, please share, we are open to ideas. 

Both Chris as I have improved our camera gear for next trip, all thanks to your generosity and support, so thank you. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy the clip, future episodes after April, should be considerably higher quality.