Cinemosity 123 - Zootopia
2016 continues to ravage the entertainment industry as the gang talks about the sad passing of Prince Be of PM Dawn and the horrible tragedy of Anton Yelchin’s death. From death to birth, we talk about new babies from the world of celebrity. Then there’s lots of movie news such as the box office success of Finding Dory, two thirds of us have seen it so we talk about the film too! Other news includes the somewhat surprising closure of Nicholas Sparks Productions, weren’t those movies made for peanuts and made a heap of cash from middle-aged moms?

Our movie is a much needed breath of positive fresh air and it is Disney’s ZOOTOPIA. Come for the adorable characters and beautiful world design but stay for all of the amazing allegories for societal and cultural issues that are very much part of our modern lives. There’s so much for the kids to enjoy and so much for the grown ups to unpack and understand, there’s so much great stuff in Zootopia you should really check it out! See you next week!

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