Circassia hears the Trinarchic Idea
The other day I was googling in order to remember the URL where my Solving Burning Conflicts booklet was posted on the web...when to my surprise, the search results revealed that, unbeknowst to me, someone had written a review of my book! It was written by Circassian Voices, a newsletter for the Circassian nationality, whose cultural homeland lies on the east shore of the Black Sea, in the Russian nation-state. The review is entitled: The Threefolding Movement Addresses the Circassian Issue: Complete Cultural Autonomy for Circassia to Save the National Language and Culture.

It's a good review.

I had to think back: How did this happen? Three years ago, I had sent out a sample copy to several different ethnic organizations, including a Circassian cultural leader. I didn't hear back from him. looks like the book made its way!