Circling back around
Oy! Still working on this! Sorry about that, I didn't know how to predict a timeline since I haven't done this before. Learning is fun! Sometimes slow.

It's totally my fault too, I've been lagging on doing my voiceovers! A second studio, an intensive speaking course, desperately trying to finalize a couple paintings, that ever-increasing sense of inevitable apolocapyse... where does the time go? 

Anyhoo, I've been circling back around to this. Yay! Seeing the faces of children explore art is a tonic for my soul right now. Soon you too will get to see these adorable kids tell me about their favorite part of life (WiFi) and wax poetic about the circles we drew together. 

Plus they have cool accents. 


Full Circle: London is almost here. ✨


No, I mean it.