The City Digest, 131-135
#131: Rosario The Daytrippers dove for cover. "What the hell are you doing?" Rosario asked. She was one of the few left. Ingmar shrugged. "I didn't want them to boot Dawn." They heard more shots, ringing through the air. It was almost morning, City time. The cops moved in. They heard the sound of tiny padding feet, first one, then more, a herd of cats. The gunfire stopped. "What the hell?" They heard a woman say. The Cat Lady stood up, hands above her head. "Those are mine. They are a prototype AI I've been working on. You see…” Connie booted her. #132: Hassan "Screw this!" Ingmar rose and fired. His shot connected, and the police officer vanished like she had never been there. There was still one sitting behind the wheel of the van, but Ingmar trained his gun on him, and he surrendered. "We're sorry about this," Hassan said. "We've got to stop this guy while we still can. I hope we can talk it out later." They drove the van up to the gates and climbed over. The house looked like something out of a Hollywood movie. A sweeping balcony that faced the drive. Underwood stood waiting for them atop it. #133: Tereza "Welcome, the last survivors," Underwood shouted, clapping his hands. “You will forgive me if I don't come down, but I'm so very busy. I might look like I'm just here talking, but there is a lot of this running behind the scenes, as it were." "What do you think you're doing?" Tereza shouted up to him. "You're going to crash the world!" Underwood shrugged. He just smiled. "Sometimes painful cuts must be made to improve production. Or so management said when they fired me. The real world is of no consequence if I have The City!” Ingmar got into position. #134: Iggy The Daytrippers needed to keep Underwood distracted. "I don't get it, if they fired you, how did you get the money to buy Sizemore out?" Iggy asked. Underwood laughed. "That was the simplest part. I hacked Sizemore's accounts when I was still working for Midas. The problem with being a banking monopoly that eschews monetary regulations should be fairly obvious, even to you lot. The money, and my 'backers' never existed! By the time Sizemore tries to back out, this will all be over." "You're right." Ingmar rose and leveled his boot gun at Underwood. Renee was faster. Ingmar disappeared. #135: Barbara “You’ve been working for him!” Barbara stared desperately at Renee. The robber smiled almost as wide as her boss. “That’s right. The whole time. And you kids didn’t even think to search me.” She booted Iggy almost offhandedly. “Just a bit more clean up, and The City will be ours.” “About that, Renee…” Underwood said. “I’m afraid there is a bit of a hitch.” She turned towards him and raised the gun. “Are you selling me out?” She demanded. The Smiling man raised his hands in protest. “Not me, them.” A pack of sprinting zombies appeared from behind the house.