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So... *snare roll*
First Patreon post! *crash cymbal with loads of delay*

Welcome to my Patreon page and blog

This is my first (and public) post here on my page.
In case you are already supporting me: thank you, you are awesome!
If you are just passing by, wondering about what I am doing right now, I hope to be able to intrigue you with a little nice teaser video I have done recently, about my new album.

As you can see from the video above, I am currently working on a synthwave  new album called "Chasing Neon Lights", that will be released by the end of April. In a next post, I'll share with you the first single from the album (and in case you are supporting me you are in for a treat! :) ).

It all started with a music package I made last year for the Unity Asset Store called Retro Future. I always loved the synthwave music genre (and the eighties sounds and aesthetics in general), but that was the first time I was composing in this particular style of music.
It went quite well, better than my initial expectations to be honest. And so I decided that it was worth taking some of the songs from that package and releasing them for personal listening as an album.
Time passed, and what initially was an EP it became a full-length album, thanks to several new songs I composed in the meanwhile.

So this is it basically...

The album title comes from one of the song's title, and it's also representative of the visual context and feelings behind it.
The songs are all eighties inspired, but they are also cinematic in the sound and mood, and a bit videogame-ish in the attitude probably.
I am not trying to reinvent the genre of course, but I hope this will stand out as my version of it, and that I have been able so to carry my personal style into this new release.

More about it very soon!

Keep listening...

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