A city to build.
Greetings, Gatekeepers!

So, as I’m finally done (for now) figuring out the design challenges of the gameplay and I can at least shift my focus back on creating the new map for a while. Starting with painting lots of pretty concept art ideas for it :}

You can read about my design challenges in the previous post I just uploaded.

What you see on the image up top, is a small city of the lizard race, Hizathri… What can I say, they are good sculptors, and they love making statues of subjects they love :}. They are also living very close to nature, making these small spherical houses to sleep in, but majority of the day they spend gathering together in the main city areas, playing, crafting, and enjoying the life under the bright sunshine of their favorite desert climate. And that is the city we yet have to build!

So far that’s what I’ve drawn, but, every day I try to complete a picture or two, hence I will be uploading more concept art pics soon :}

PS: I’m aware some pictures are not loading on Patreon, I just have to find time to reupload them to a better place than google drive.