Civilization VI Preview - First Hands-On
Bloodworth here,

Ben recently got a chance to check out Civilization VI, and was given 60 turns to make the most of it. This being our first official preview makes it somewhat of a milestone for Easy Allies, although it's more of a continuation of getting "back in the saddle" so to speak. Previews come up as the opportunities arise so don't expect them on any sort of regular schedule.

Rather than writing a scripted preview similar to our reviews, Ben instead scheduled time with Ian before the podcast to talk about what he's experienced so far. We went with the conversational approach basically out of necessity as we had no idea how much footage we'd get or what that footage would entail. It's a common difficulty that comes when you need to make a video on a game before any video has been released. 

So don't take this as an official format for all of our previews going forward. We'll likely have a mix of approaches based on what we can do. Some previews will be conversational, some will be fully scripted, and I've always enjoyed mixing in short clips from developers when I get interview opportunities. 

In any case, I think Ben's Civ VI preview turned out great as he manages to articulate what's new and why it's valuable. Enjoy.