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CKAN v1.14.0 aka Mimas sprint report
Hello fabulous patrons!

It's my great pleasure to say that yesterday's sprint resulted in CKAN v1.14.0 (aka Mimas). On the user side of things we're seeing a lot more polish: download sizes in the main display, user experience fixes, adjustable metadata panels, searching by abbreviation, and improvements to how we handle importing modlists. An enormous thank you goes out to Postremus, who has been the driving force in many of these changes.

On the back-end of things, our indexer bot has had a total overhaul, driven by dbent, who always does amazing work! The extra smarts on the indexer means that we're better able to handle odd version naming schemes, and better able to manage mods changing their requirements and dependencies. We've also eliminated a situation where the auto-updater could pick up a new CKAN release before we'd finished building it.

In other KSP related news, I did a talk on KSP at OSCON with my fellow co-authors of the upcoming Kerbal Book. Yes, there's a book on the way, and one of the big reasons the CKAN exists is that I really didn't want to write a section on how to install mods by hand. :)

On a more personal note, I've also taken a lifetime pledge to donate 10% of my income to causes that do the most good. That includes my funding from Patreon, if you're a backer then you're also helping to help prevent malaria. Thank you!

Finally, I've noticed that I've not always been the best at doing CKAN weekly reports, so I now have a bot that fines me money if I don't get them done on time. :) I also still keep having dreams of the CKAN taking over the world and being available for other games; I think we need to get support for upgrading of autodetected mods first, but if I start the world domination plans in earnest you'll be the first to know. :)

My next sprint will be in early September, with more details in my next weekly report. As always, lolcommits will be out in a separate Patreon post for those at the $5+ level.

Many, many thanks again for all your ongoing support!

~ Paul