CKAN Weekly - 8th July
Hey there fabulous backers,

One of my milestones was to provide weekly reports, and this last week I know I've let you down there. I've recently suffered a personal loss which has knocked me out of action, which is why I've not been around much on the forums or github. I have enormous gratitude for all the contributors who have been keeping things running in my absence.

The good news is that today was spent juggling my calendar, and I'm happy to say the next CKAN sprint will be on Wednesday, 15th July, from 10am to 10pm Pacific Time. I'm also very grateful to the good folks at Beeminder for letting me use their space while I'm in Portland. I'm hoping for my second sprint to be two weeks after that, but I don't yet have a date locked in for certain.

July will be an erratic month in terms of my CKAN contributions, as I'll be both travelling to the USA, and speaking at OSCON, including co-presenting a talk on KSP, where of course I'll be talking about the CKAN. Indeed, my crazy July schedule was a big motivator in me creating a Patreon campaign, as without it I know that I can easily disappear during the conference season.

Thank you all very much again for your support, and I'll be writing to you in a week from sunny Portland, Oregon.

~ Paul