Clarification and Comic
Hello, dear Patrons!

We just wanted to let you know that Patreon has changed the way it displays total donations. Previously, it displayed the gross amount of total monthly donations. Now, it displays the net amount after subtracting Patreon's cut, credit card processing fees, and pledges that aren't going through.

We think this is probably a good change for Patreon, since it's more transparent, but our Milestone Goals were predicated on a gross amount, not net. (We had already tried to estimate Patreon's cut and credit card fees.) So we adjusted the Milestone Goals for the new system.

We're still right on the edge of the comic Milestone, and Patreon's more exact estimate of our net costs puts us $1.88 below the goal. We have the comic this month all ready to go. We've paid our artist, trialed several designs, and we think it's hilarious! We're going to release it later today.

However, for next month, we need to hit that last $1.88 in order to keep doing it. So, anyway, we're just letting you know what's going on, and we really hope you dig the comic!

~Abby and Ami