Clarifying Our Worldview

Our concern is that the children don't have a wide range of reading material from which to choose, so they are disadvantaged . . . impoverished.  


Early feedback has suggested that my aim is not clear. One friend gave me some much-appreciated feedback and I have revised my "about" section, in light of her comments, to try to clarify things there. But I'd also like to answer here in case anyone wants more depth. 

In an attempt to keep things clear, I'll post a paragraph from her and then my answer. And then another paragraph from her and my answer. And so on. 

She said:

[We are] confused by your page . . . because you conflate religion and politics.  . . . [We are] uncertain about what sort of books you are hoping to publish.  

I'm sorry about that. I'm hoping to publish books that are a little right of center. Those would be books, for instance, that will be pro-female, but they won't be pro-militant-feminist. They may talk about big G God. They may even talk about Jesus. They may never mention Christianity or the Bible or abortion or homosexuality, but if they do mention those things they will take a slightly-to-the-right-of-center approach. We are for freedom of religion and for free speech and opposed to abortion. We don't find it necessary to paint gay couples as evil in our books--we have gay friends and family members we love. We simply aren't likely to publish books that say that Heather having two mommies is just as good as Heather having a mommy and a daddy. 

We live in a country where a person can tell us one minute, with a straight face, that a white, 50-year-old man can self-identify as an Asian 7-year-old girl and that doesn't mean he's mentally ill and in the very next breath that same person can tell us that Christians hate science. Christians, they say, are ignorant bigots and they are also delusional--mentally ill.

Our books, if they depict Christians, will show them in a more positive light. 

The election of Trump and polls taken during the past year strongly indicate that people really don’t care about political parties anymore (even talking about “left” and “right” may be a bit anachronistic at this juncture).  [People] want, more than anything, for the folks they’ve sent to Washington to work TOGETHER to solve our most pressing problems.  And they’re very, very frustrated that this isn’t happening and that nothing they say or do seems to change that.  That’s why they elected Trump but then that hasn’t worked out so well."

I suggest you are listening to the same flawed polls that told the country just days before the election that Trump had a near zero chance of winning. 

I don't think those polls you've been reading lately are right if they say people want the folks they elected to work together.

The reports I've read have said that Democrats in the "Resist Trump" or the "Impeach Trump" camps want nothing to do with Republicans and they are pushing their representatives hard, demanding that they resist, resist, resist.  

On the other side of things, Trump voters want him to drain the swamp. They don't want the Republicans and the Democrats to work together--they want them all kicked out of office. They don't care about parties--you're right about that--they only care about the Trump Agenda. 

So maybe those are the two sides now--anti-Trump on the left and pro-Trump on the right. And though most of us are not radically on the right or left, we do lean one direction or the other.  

So, IMO, framing things in the way that you do here just doesn’t make sense anymore.  How people vote and who they support politically is an offshoot of what they believe, and I think that’s more of what you want to be focusing on…promoting and encouraging the kind of beliefs and values that, quite frankly, probably would have kept them from voting for the “fool” in the White House in the first place. 

But I believe so many things, that they can't all fit into a post that informs potential patrons about my worldview. I said "to the right of center" as a kind of shorthand. I could have chosen a different label for myself. I could have said I'm a conservative, Bible-believing Christian of the Reformed Calvinistic variety. I chose not to do that because Paraklesis Press is not putting out conservative Christian books or books that are coming from the Reformed perspective. They may not be Christian books at all. But if they mention social, political, or religious issues, they will lean to the right.

"If you publish books with those beliefs and values young people might very well be led to vote for people or advocate for positions that are a “bit to the right”; but, that’s not something you should be directly concerned about.  

Children will make up their own minds about what they believe. Our concern is that the children now don't have a wide range of reading material from which to choose, so they are disadvantaged . . . impoverished. The books that are put out by the NY publishing houses are predominantly leftist and humanistic. They often promote racial division, militant feminist beliefs, or sexual deviancy. When they speak of hot-button social issues, they take the liberal view. So they are pro abortion, pro homosexual marriage, and anti-free speech. They tend to encourage children to be offended by microaggressions and cultural appropriation. 

I do not feel a need to force children to come over to the right and adopt my beliefs. I do, however, feel a need to provide books that present a different view from the prevailing view in the bookstores. 

[Do] I have this wrong?  Are you hoping to publish political treatises of some sort?   If so, I think you need to explicitly state that this is what you are seeking.  Again, don’t confuse us by conflating religion with politics. 

Yes, you have that wrong. My fault entirely. I hope this long post adds clarity. In short, I have noticed that books that come from the right side in regards to religious, political, and social issues are underrepresented in our bookstores and libraries, so I want to publish books written by writers who lean right. 

Regarding conflating religion and politics, I don't mean to do that. Many people on the political right are not Christians and many Christians are not on the political right. I do not mean to say that Christians and political conservatives are the same thing. But it is possible to be both things. It is possible to be Christian and also to be politically conservative. People who will want to read my books and people who may want to be Patrons here on Patreon may very well be both Christians and politically conservative. 

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