I think it's time to engage in an open discussion about my motives and and feelings regarding my Patreon  and hope that we can reach an understanding. First and foremost I'd like to make it clear that the motive behind establishing my Patreon is to provide access and to empower the Deaf community. This is the motive behind everything I do as it has been since Day One of my career. There is currently a huge void when it comes to social media and access, a void I've tried desperately to fill by voluntarily interpreting viral videos upon request, establishing a FB page inviting interpreters to join me in dedicating their time to providing interpretations of viral and requested videos, and reaching out privately to colleagues to get them to join me in providing this service as it is too much for one person/interpreter to take on. Requesting compensation for interpreting services on social media is no more cultural appropriation than requesting compensation for providing interpreting services at a hospital. The only difference is a third party, an agency, whose purpose is to ensure that equal access is provided to deaf clients. Interpreting viral videos and music videos is a unique area because we are without a hiring entity for this type of interpreting service. To be clear, I'm not asking for donations from deaf people specifically. I am offering my interpreting services in hopes that business entities, agencies, and other interpreters will rally together to finance this much needed access or take action and provide access on their own. I've spent many hours investing my blood, sweat, and tears into voluntarily interpreting videos upon request but at this time I can not continue to work a full schedule and keep up with requests. After failed attempts to get voluntary support from colleagues I decided to try a different route by taking off two days from my regular work and focusing on providing access to videos. AGAIN, It was never my intention to convince deaf people to fund my Patreon. It was the best solution to an issue that I've been otherwise unable to resolve and handle on my own while juggling my work and personal life. The alternative is ignoring requests and letting viral video requests go unanswered, which would be a shame and does not provide equal access for all. I'd love to engage in a respectful open dialogue and hope you will consider where I'm coming from with an open mind. I'm open to suggestions and again, would like to end with a reminder that my only goal here is to grant access and empower the beloved Deaf community that I'm so fortunate to be a part of. 

  Best,   Amber

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