When people carry on after tragedy as... "business as usual"... I am very suspect to their motives. It's not to say that we don't all have to move forward... we do... and there is no "time allotment" for that... it's different for us all... 


I just can't bring myself to put stuff in this space to sell to you... asking you to set your emotional baggage down... your pain... your sorrow... and come over here buy my "magic beans." 

I also refuse to discuss the politics of a situation like this... because it's about the most "un human" thing that can be done in a time when human life is lost. 

I have watched countless "brands" post their stories... of "make your money"... "look at my clothes"... "blogger mail" and the like... Yes, business must move forward... but maybe let's take a breath. Can we all just take a fucking breath? 

So many times this is due to a social media manager or a media buyer... who decided not to adjust the climate of the message they vomit out at the time of tragedy...  I even saw someone trying to sell a Vegas vacation last night... 

Can we just take a breath... and adjust the lens... and not obsess in the sorrow, but maybe not ignore it either?

Heroes are the ones who pause... who understand the impact of their actions and the actions of others. Heroes recognize the loss and the missing pieces... and take a breath to allow the world to catch up before heading out on their journey's again. 

Be that kind of hero today... we need more of those.