Clash at Kobold Cauldron | 10th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

Over 15 pages of adventure await!

Something strange has been going on in Knotside with the arrival of a new brand of alcohol: Red Claw. Where did it come from? What is it? The fanaticism surrounding the drink has caused the town to fall to the verge of collapse, as men and women alike clamor for the spirit, turning to violence and crime in order to reach it. There are no laws while there's Red Claw around!

Can you get to the bottom of the, issue! and save this town? This adventure is made for parties of level 10 characters and incorporates everything found within this collaborative release!

DMDave wrote this adventure and writes content just like it, including feats, classes, races, and more daily for 5th edition! He is also the write for Broadsword Magazine, a monthly print magazine loaded with new 5th edition content. Patrons receive additional .pdfs, poll access, custom requests, and other exclusive bonus content! Support DMDave today!

The Floor is lava!

Climb the volcanic terrain leading to the base of Drakescale peak and see what's been brewing underfoot. This print-ready battle map comes filled with interiors and caves packed with danger and explosive liquor!

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Explosive miniatures!

Fend off foes both new and classic alike! Kobolds, Elementals, and Dragon abound with this set of 4 free miniatures for your printable collection! More to be added in the coming days!

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Volatile enemies!

With 7 new statblocks across 5 creatures, your players both new and old won't know what hit 'em! Be careful about what you drink and where you step: it may be your last!

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Lit loot!

3 new kobold, alcoholic, and dragon-themed items await your discovery in this collaboration! Designed with flavor and function in mind, these items are sure to be a reward worth earning for your party members.

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Try Red Claw today!

Print out the Red Claw label for yourself to use on your own brews and spirits at home!

The adventure gets better with you!

This collaboration was a freely made project between DMDave, Cze & Peku, Paper Forge, It's ADnD Monster Now, and The Griffon's Saddlebag. If you haven't already, consider becoming apatron to help support the passion and effort that goes into this work. Quality D&D content getsbetter when it's supported by people like you!

Cheers, adventurers!

—Dave, Cze & Peku, Wilson & Grond, Kyle, and Griffin 

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