The arrogant Elf's have taken control of your land...and the player on your right land...and the left. So, your gonna show them, whats for and give them a little bit of their medicine. All your tribes are going to do a joint attack, against these pointy eared people. And tell them to "GET OFF MY LAND."

That is what is at the heart of "Clash Of Rage," a new game from La Boite De Jeu. Up on Kickstarter now. But if you want to see what this game is about, watch my "how to play" video. 

 Now you know, what it's about. What are some of the Pro's and Con's to the game. There is also my 1st impressions of a combat game, that is a little different than any other that I have played.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will answer as soon as... 

ciao for now