Class Design for Season 3 & the Berserker Class
As we get closer and closer to Season 3, I thought it might be nice to show off how classes will work. I plan on having some videos that go into depth of what you can do with the new system, but for now I just wanted to talk about classes as a whole. The picture above is all the cards for just the Berserker class!

So one of the main design goals I decided when I started S3 was that I should take complete advantage of the digital format. There are some things you can't do easily in a pen and paper RPG that you can do on a platform like Tabletop Simulator. This season we added Elements to cards and with that we added random decks for each element. You can see above that the few spells a Berserker can use are all the Earth element. We also added a brown gem with a bag on it to indicate it is an Item. This new stuff is almost entirely there for the random decks that are heavily used at Character Creation and with minor uses from class to class during a Campaign. While you can do random in real life (lots of games use dice rolls and then looking at a book for results), because URealms tries to do everything with cards it's not that feasible to have all this RNG decks in a physical world. I'm not too interested with URealms ever becoming a physical card game simply because it's expansive and makes it less accessiable. As a digital game, one day all you might need is a phone or computer to play which everyone will have, but if I focused on wanting to one day move to print with my design, the accessibility takes a nose dive.

Another area we use digital tech is the ability to fold cards together. Now imagine how over whelming picking a Class might be if your Game Master showed you 6 Classes each with 12 cards... That's a bit too much. That's why this year we made our Race/Class cards these big portrait sized cards that mostly just feature art. In tabletop you'll be able to just look at the Class and pick one as a new player based on the fantasy or look rather then trying to absorb dozens of cards. If your the kind of player who wants to see everything, you would just use the website either way. So in Tabletop all you'll need to do is pick a Class, move it to a selection area in your shop and then press a button and poof 12 cards pop out. This lets us better use the table during Character Creation so we can show less cards, but have more options.

Now talking about these Class Cards, a new thing we have done for S3 is make it so you no longer pick abilities, you buy them with gold. As a Berserker you have 600g to buy your abilities and shop for armor weapons and other offered treasures at character creation.  We are still redoing the art for this so ignore the prices as they won't be helpful since the 50g and 100g image are currently being used for all prices. What this shift to gold means is that you have a lot more flexibility over what kind of Character you end up making. Their are lots of overlapping abilities to choose from, powerful limiteds and anytimes to invest in and very cheap weak abilities that are mostly for roleplay. 

Meat Sack for example is an extremely weak ability, but it only costs 10 gold, it's the type of thing you pick if you want another roleplay componant to your character.

Strong Armed gives you a way to be a Berserker who doesn't transform and if your use to S2 cards it might seem better because of it's Stun immunity, however in S3 Large Tiles always do Double Damage with Basic Attacks and are Immune to all the new status effects like Burn, Poison, Blind, Silence, Charm, and Frozen as well as stun!

Death Wish is how we translated the old Berserker passive to the new systems letting you keep fighting even if you should be dead.

 Anytime Abilities like Trample/Cleave should look and feel more powerful because they are. The only way to use them is to use an Anytime of which you only have 3 fore and could just spend doing another Double Frost, so they needed to be a little extra powerful in order to justify buying them.

All in all though there is a ton of choice here even if you might not see it just yet. You gotta remember that you aren't just buying abilities with this gold, you are buying gear and equipment in the shop.  2 Waraxes may feel manditory, but the new Kobold Racial makes it so you don't even need a weapon and you may find yourself able to buy a Treasure Weapon that is slightly better. Cleave is super powerful allowing alongside Bearzerk, but you might not always be able to afford it without some weapons as well. Seismic Toss is a bonus action and can do lots of damage, but is it always going to be worth to spend 100g on?

Anyway, I am back to work on finishing some Treasures! Keep in mind these cards aren't final, while writting this quick little update I noticed a couple errors already I need to go fix, but when we get the classes more finalyzed I'll start having some Youtube videos soon for you guys to check out that goes over the cards and shows some cool examples and combinations of abilities you will be able to do with them.