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Class Pass Week 1: Yoga
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I received a gift certificate for Class Pass from my parents-in-law for Christmas. This week, I activated it and started using it. This isn’t the type of thing I would normally be able to fit into my budget, so I’m taking full advantage of the free month I have thanks to the gift certificate. Class Pass lets you take fitness classes at any participating gyms, of which there are many if you live in a major city. The classes go across the board, ranging from yoga to kickboxing to boot camp to barre. There are also classes at all different times of day and different locations throughout the city. I think it works especially well for someone like me who works from home and has a flexible schedule because I can take a 10 a.m. class on one side of town on Tuesday and a 4 p.m. class on the other side on Wednesday. For those who work full-time, I noticed there are plenty of early morning and late evening classes offered.