Classic Hot Rods and Racing Car Comics #5
Vintage Cars and Comics from 1972! 64 Pages of Fast & Furious Chills, Spills and Thrills! Story & Art by JACK KELLER Shot from Charlton Comics' Original Silver Prints! The legendary Charlton Comics published Hot Rods and Racing Cars for over 20 years from the 1950s to the 1970s and are beloved and collected by gearheads worldwide. The comics in this Collector’s Edition were written and drawn by car buff Jack Keller and give amazing insight into the 20th Century racing world. This collection features art shot from Charlton's master silver prints, the closest thing to the original art, and were used to publish the comics in the first place. Featuring 6 wild tales of Classic Hot Rods and Racing Car Comics! DESPERATE DUEL It started at the Marlboro Trans-Am when “Pizza King,” Alberto Savelli, owner of a Ferrari racing team, showed interest in driver Clint Curtis, which led to the BOAC 1000 KM… and gamblers and hit men! From Hot Rods and Racing Cars #112 (February 1972) DIRTY DRIVER! Leif Erich, driving his Ford powered sprint car has the lead… followed closely by Clint’s Chevy! The winner gets top point standing for the season plus an extra $1000! Is that enough reason for Clint to drive dirty? From Hot Rods and Racing Cars #113 (April 1972) THE DUST BOWL! Clint’s sprint car gets stolen and the only way to get it back is to race against the carjacker, a hillbilly with the name of Hot Dog Henry Krick, with a junky jalopy! From Hot Rods and Racing Cars #114 (May 1972) USED CAR! Buying a used car is always tricky. Sometimes a big bargain turns out to be the worst deal ever, as Clint’s pal Alex finds out! From Hot Rods and Racing Cars #115 (July 1972) KING OF THE HILL! The Pike’s Peak course starts at an elevation of 4708 feet and it’s course snakes up to a 14,11- foot summit! Truly, the winner can be dubbed “King of the Hill!” From Hot Rods and Racing Cars #115 (July 1972) THE PERFECT TEAM! Clint’s rival turns out to be a real pal when he lets Clint dive his new Chapparal 2J racing car, but he’s not too keen on Clint sharing his wife! From Hot Rods and Racing Cars #116 (October 1972) BONUS FEATURES Original HOT RODS Cover Gallery A look at the original covers from Hot Rod and Racing Car comics, released by Charlton in 1972. THE VACUUM CLEANER The Chapparal 2J introduced something quite novel to gain traction! From Hot Rods and Racing Cars #113 (April 1972)