Classi'Cappella - Bhimpalasi l Kartik Raman
In an endeavor to present the Traditional Indian Classical Music to the modern generation in an interesting way, which they can relate to and appreciate, i have come up with this unique idea called "Classi'Cappella". This is my first release under Classi'Cappella in the Raaga / Scale - Bhimpalasi .

Many more are in pipeline :) 

Like i mentioned, this musical piece set to Raaga Bhimpalasi, presents Traditional Indian Classical Music with a modern twist, in the form of A cappella.
A cappella means singing without any Instruments, and making all the instrument sounds by using one's voice.

Bandish composed by : Pt. Raamashraya Jha
Tarana Composed by : Kartik Raman
Arranged and Produced by : Kartik Raman
Mixed and Mastered by : Pavan Vasdev
Video by : Deepak Magson

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