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Clean(er) Gingerbread Cookies Part 2
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Part 2 of the Great Cleaner Gingerbread Experiment of 2015 got interesting. A few days ago (see below) I tried a few variations to replace the oil and sugar in a classic gingerbread cookie recipe. In one batch I used Greek yogurt and applesauce and in the other I tried avocado and banana. Both turned out well, though the Greek yogurt/ applesauce variety won my husband's original taste test and the avocado/ banana won mine. We both tried again the next day after the cookies had been in the fridge for 24 hours and guess what? I joined Team Greek Yogurt & Applesauce. This was definitely the more flavorful cookie.

Still, I wondered what would happen if I mixed things up even more. What about avocado and applesauce? What about Greek yogurt and banana? Why not shake things up and try again?