Clean Up Update
Alrighty, I think I've finally finished reposting all of the photos that were missing; though it's possible I might have missed one or two - so if you see a post with a missing image or a Photobucket placeholder image, please let me know so I can fix it. I tried checking every single post but with over 400 of them, it's a little hard to know if I skipped one or two. 

Additionally, I've moved all of my Notes and News posts from Patron Only Posts to Public Posts bar those that are for Patron Eyes Only (of which there was only one). And fiddled with the tags a bit to clean up the tag section since I had a handful of redundant tags.

Next, the poll for photo posting preferences was closed today. And the 'Doesn't Matter' option won with the only other option checked being the one to post all photos in a series within one post. So, I'll be going back through all of my old posts in order to merge (or remerge in some cases) photo series into single posts; which should help clean things up a bit.

So, I guess that means that starting tomorrow you can finally expect to see me posting new stuff once again. (Finally, I know). I also have plans to post more Public Sneak Previews that's I'd been putting off until I got my old posts cleaned up and settled on a posting format. Some of the previews will be for stuff already posted while others will be for posts yet to come. I'll keep you posted. 

Anywho, I'm going to go soak my arms in a tub of ice water because all of the repetitive motions required to fix everything killed my hands and wrists.