Cleaning Finds.
Hey friends, Hoping everyone is having a great weekend. It's rainy and gross in Seattle...but that's how we do. I thought you might get a kick out of this photo I found while cleaning and organizing old boxes making room for Baby K due in March. 1992? I'm guessing so. I have my Metallica shirt on, my Alice In Chains handmade poster from my little sister, and an old Jim Lee Original X-Men poster I am frantically looking for as we speak! I love discovering old photos and the memories they bring back, but this one struck hard as I'm working to make room for Kristin and my new addition. When I look at this photo, I see a lot that still really matters to me this day. I see a kid dreaming of someday working in comics and rocking like his heroes, but sure how to do that quite yet. Honestly, I'm still learning. It quite possibly could be I'll be trying to chase that my entire life. Though I'm closer to that now than in this picture, I hope years from now I'll be able to look at current photos and say the same thing. It's important to have dreams. I can't tell you how many times at the convention booth and at shows people have come up to me and have said that they stopped pursuing their music dreams, or any dreams of living their passion long ago. I can't think of anything more sad, nor anything more untrue to think that those dreams are too late for you to achieve. If it's your passion, you HAVE to do it. If you have one, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. In the artist community, societal voices that say "you're too old, you don't look the right way, you don't say the write stuff, you need more followers, you can't do that if you're married, you can't do that if you have a kid" are pressures that most of us I imagine fight off to some degree every day. I know I do. It's hard and at times exhausting, but if you have a dream let it become your sword and armor to defend what you're made to do. Someone recently reminded me that everyday you wake up still fighting for your dreams you throw a mental parade for yourself. I like that. We all should. Maybe you're still chasing your dream, maybe you've given up on it, maybe you're never found it but desperately want to. Luckily, you've caught me on a day where I can say to you what I've very often have needed said to me over the years, and it's this...your dream is there for the taking. Only you can take the first step, but if you share it with the world the energy of it cheering you on just by acting on it means you're living it already. You guys do this for me more than you know. Thank you for helping a little kid from Seattle feel like his dreams are safe to share with you and know that everyone, whether they tell you or not, needs to see you reach for yours so they know how to reach for theirs. KS