Clearing up confusion about thresh rewards
Hey guys so there seems to be a bit of confusion around the thresh rewards. I tried my best to explain what was happening earlier this month but it seems not everyone totally understood. When I swapped to upfront payments in January the entire system shifted for reward payments. You are no longer charged on the 1st of the month for the month before. You are now charged on the 1st of the month for that month. I assumed when I did the swap it would immediately charge everyone for january. It did not. The only people who were actually charged for January were the ones who edited their pledges or people who had just signed up. So basically patreon only charged 33 out of my 200 patrons. Instead everyone's payments went through on February 1st for February rewards and skipped January completely. So if you were only charged on February 1st and not before then you are not eligible for thresh rewards unfortunately :( What I said I would do to remedy this was I would immediately put up the thresh tiers in my Storenvy so people could still purchase them. OR you can swap you February rewards and get Theesh rewards instead of Diana. I have not yet put up those rewards in my store because I am still busy with the videos. All the $5 rewards have gone out and as soon and the remaining $10 content is up it will be available for purchase So please if you do want to swap your rewards for February tell me and I can make a note of it :) This problem will thankfully never happen again. Going forward everything will be fine it was just because of the initial change that this all got messed up :( thanks again patreon 😑
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