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Cliffhanger #1 - "Tension"
There it is, I made my first  4-koma comic here. Although I've made a little arrange with composition panels into something more "out-of-a-box" idea of my style. I also brushed it with greyscale because It was easy to paint. Colors are okay, but it's consume my time due to the blending and sometimes it mismatch to other colors which were really annoyed in my experience. Fortunately, I've gotten used to it now and I've also added a few pretty cool "flashes" in my first attempt. Thanks to Clip Studio Pro tutorials, I've learned many new things! I'll continue to take up to the level and my next attempt will be redraw a One Punch Man fanart into a digital this week.

That's my small update for you.  Leave your feedback here and thanks for reading this! :)

- S.S. Efren