The Clique- Egyptian Queen Cleo(print)
This is one of the 2 prints in a developing series that I will be selling at MomoCon. As you have read above, my Clique series revolves around teens that were the offspring an experiment done to infuse a certain type of extraterrestrial DNA with a human to create hybrid soldiers as a means to end a millennial civil war between an alien race of beings that Earth is not aware exists. Cleo(who is technically Queen Cleopatra) is a 1st generation Cliqued recipient in that she received the Cliqued gene through an transfusion process. The only other 1st generation recipient is her sworn enemy, Cassandra.

At first I was going to hold back on selling these pieces because this particular story arc is YEARS from being told...but I guess I can pique people's curiosity in it- as well as in The Clique in general...LOL.