Clive 'N' Wrench's first closed alpha comes this weekend!
Hello all!

The time has finally come for our first closed alpha test! The build in question will be for PC users, and will contain one full level (Cajun Mob Bog). It will also require a controller of some sort as we don't yet support keyboard and mouse!

If you are on the list below, then no sweat, a build will be on it's way to you this weekend! If not, and you have been a $5 Patreon supporter for a month or more, then please make sure to comment below so you don't miss out!

Confirmed Alpha Participants:

Michael Mohr Hansen
Daniel Steven
Alex Atkin
Dean F. Wilson
Ryu D
Paul Hamilton
Jared Weigel
Caleb Bott

If you're not on that list, fall into the bracket, and would like to be; be sure to let me know by Friday, or else you'll miss this round! Additionally, feel free to ask any questions about it below too!

I am both excited and nervous to hear what you'll all think once you've actually played it!

As always, thank you all so much for the support!