Cloak of Secret, Page One
Hello hello hello!

Here we have the first page of the redux for Cloak of Secret!  The village is smaller here.  Or rather, we're seeing less of it.  But the linework is more deliberate.  I've been spending a lot of time thinking about my line economy and my line thickness lately.  I want to use the space that I don't draw on as much as the space that I do.

The colors are much more vibrant.  That was not by accident.  I did a lot of research this past year on color theory and am starting to get a feel for it.  I use Adobe Color to create schemes that center around my "main" color for the image.  In this case, the green grass (if I recall).

I've been reading Raina Telgemeier's Ghosts - which is colored by Braden Lamb - and was paying close attention to how she draws her backgrounds and lets Lamb's work do the heavy lifting.  Throughout this chapter, I've experimented with that and I like what I've got so far.

The page originally appeared as such:

The colors are more earthy in the original, which I do like.  But there's no cohesion.  It's one big page now, not a bunch of panels glued together like like a collage.  I'm happy with it.

Talk to you soon!