Cloak of Secret - Page Ten
Hello!  Happy Friday!

I'm making this post public because it is one of my favorite pages I've made of anything.  I love the punch.

Here's how it originally looked in 2015:

Yikes!  That's some sloppy linework.  I have to admit though, my sense of timing was right on in the original.  I kept it all as one page because the joke was so tight!  I think I was also starting to get a sense for color when I was making this page.  Definitely didn't have a grasp of it, but starting to get a feel for it.

I really like the silhouette in the last panel of the original version (Or at least the idea of it.  There are a lot of tangents in the version that is there.)  It punctuates the joke in a very different way.  Like an echo.  I almost kept it, but decided the journey of expression Aengus goes on was funnier and tells us so much more about his character.  I love how he starts off so confident!  It's making me laugh right now.

Humor is very hard to do.  Or do consistently, anyway.  I started comics trying to do that, and it's a lot of work.  Long form narrative is also a lot of work, but it's a different kind.  There's longevity in the work.  I've learned that I very much like to dig in and get lost in my work.  I like sprinkling humor into a comic like a spice, rather than make it the whole dish.  But that's just me as a creator.  I love consuming daily gag strips and humor for humor's sake.  I just don't like to make them.

Anyway, I hope this page makes you laugh as much as it does for me.

See you next week,